Do you know that more than 95% of all SDA local churches are IRRELEVANT for today’s world?

Just take a moment and ask yourself a question:

“Is my local SDA church RELEVANT?”

What is your answer?

It doesn’t mean that your local SDA church must:

lower the Bible-based standards

invest a huge amount of money

make a significant effort…

… in order to become RELEVANT.

No! Not at all!

Let us perform a DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION for your local SDA church to be always RELEVANT

4 facts that every Seventh-day Adventist must know:

Most of the SDA churches around the world miss to seize the brilliant opportunities that exist today in the era of IT (Information Technologies), even though they are the most important, the most influential, and at the same time, the cheapest methods nowadays.


Today, most people perform internet research before interacting with any business/organization/church. If they find poor internet presence and have a bad user experience, they consider that business/organization/church IRRELEVANT, despise it, and underestimate it.


The time is coming when many internet opportunities that we have today will be prohibited by civil laws, and the Adventist message will be labelled as “hateful speech.” If your local SDA church doesn’t make the best use of those opportunities at this moment, you will bitterly regret that in the future.


Now, as never before, your local SDA church has a tremendous opportunity to become RELEVANT and make a significant impact on your community, reaching thousands and millions of people for Jesus with the Present Truth, for their salvation and eternal life – to the glory of God.


One of the biggest changes resulting from the Corona crisis is the melting of

the tangible with the digital

the real with the virtual

the physical presence with the internet presence

If you are not digital today, you are not tangible as well.

If you are not virtual today, you are not real as well.

If you are not constantly present on the internet today, you are not present at all. And you are away from being relevant.

If the website of your local SDA church contains only a map, a contact form, and a few more outdated, poor pages, your local SDA church is definitely IRRELEVANT. Forget about impacting your community and fulfilling your mission.

If the social media profiles of your local SDA church don’t have at least a few new meaningful posts every day, your local SDA church is definitely IRRELEVANT. Forget about impacting your community and fulfilling your mission.

The first step to Digital Transformation is building a PREMIUM website for your local SDA church. Having a PREMIUM website is the most fundamental asset your church must possess as soon as possible.

The PREMIUM website of your local SDA church that we would develop and design will consist of 30+ meaningful and appealing web pages

Home Page

Our Church

What Do We Believe
Meet Our Pastor
Meet Our Church Leadership
New Here?
Stories And Testimonies

Pastor’s Blog

History Of Our Local Church

Come Worship With Us
Online Worship Service
Study The Bible Online
Book Free Counseling
Join Our Activities
Request A Prayer

Small Groups

Pathfinders and Adventurers
Gifts For You
Online Bible
Online Book Library
Sabbath School
Christian Music
Children’s Corner
Useful Links

Password Protected Page


The HOME PAGE of your PREMIUM website will at least consist of the following elements

Join Our Services

Our Upcoming Events

Bible Verse Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

Devotional Of The Day

Lesson On Faith Of The Day

Video Of The Day

Song Of The Day + Lyric

“The Desire Of Ages” Of The Day

“The Great Controversy” Of The Day

The whole dynamic content for all daily elements will be written/entered by us.

Features of the PREMIUM website of your local SDA Church

Captivating Slider

Dynamic Content

Booking Counseling Interactive Form

Donation Interactive Form
Join Our Activities Interactive Form
Prayer Requests Interactive Form
Gifts For You Interactive Form
Online Bible with simple search engine
Study The Bible Online Interactive Form



Youtube videos, playlists, streaming
Newsletter / Subscription
Social Media Integration

Facebook Page feeds on your website

Messenger Chat on your website
Sabbath Start Time
Google Map

Progressive Web Application (Mobile application)

The PREMIUM website of your local SDA church that we would develop and design will consist of 1150+ blog articles written/entered by us


articles for Daily Devotional


articles for Lesson On Faith of the day


articles for “The Desire of Ages” of the day


articles for “The Great Controversy” of the day


health articles

What else is our part?

The domain name of your church will be connected with Content Delivery Network (CDN) and one of our servers.
WordPress installation and configuration will be performed.

Email system will be installed, configured, and tested. Up to five email addresses will be created in the format [email protected]


Security solutions of the website will be set up. SSH will be added.


A backup solution of the website will be set up.

Google Analytics will be configured and connected.

Subscription/Newsletter system will be integrated. Configuration and connection with Mailchimp service will be made.


Embedding of Youtube videos, playlists, Youtube live streaming (which can play/broadcast without ceasing) will be integrated.

Basic Search Engine Optimization will be performed.
Systems for fulfilling forms with interactive options will be integrated and configured.

A calendar of events will be integrated, configured and additional development and adaptation will be performed.

Google maps will be integrated.
Social Media integration will be performed.
The Facebook page of your local SDA church will be embedded on your website.
Messenger chat will be integrated on your local SDA church website.

An intuitive and engaging site map will be placed at the bottom of your website.


A “Sabbath Start Time” feature will be integrated and configured.


Online Bible software (programmed by Harikalet) which contains a simple and easy-to-use search engine – will be installed and configured on the website with an option for Bible translations that have a free license (are in the Public domain) like King James Version, American Standard Version, etc.


PWA – Progressive Web Application which means your website will have the opportunity to look like a mobile application (application icon will be placed on the screen of the mobile phones after installing it).

Let us UPGRADE your local SDA church to become the most DOMINANT local evangelism ministry in your community.

The DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of your local SDA church is not a one-time event, and it is a continuous process that is time-consuming. Outsource that to us as experts with 10+ years of experience, so you can fully dedicate yourself to all other demanding aspects of your ministry.

Let us help your local SDA Church become and stay RELEVANT until the Second Coming of Jesus!

Visit our DEMO website called “Example Seventh-day Adventist Church” and see how the premium website of your local SDA church would look like:


Please fulfill the following form if you want your local SDA church to initiate a collaboration with us. Feel free to ask any questions.